In 2002, a 56 acre tract of land became available at the corner of Mills and Mooresville Road and was purchased in 2003.  In January 2005, zoning was approved for the new church and in February Archbishop Buechlein granted permission for the parish to purchase the land. 

In 2007, Rev. Harold W. Rightor II became the Associate Pastor of St. Ann's. He continued as Associate Pastor through mid 2009, when he left to preside over another parish.

The building project accelerated in 2008 with the sale of the church on Holt Road and on June 29, 2008, a procession of cars moved from the church to the new site for the Ground Breaking Ceremony.  Rain, rain and more rain delayed the opening of the new church through June and into July, 2009. 

In celebration of the opening of the new church, a video covering the history of St. Ann was made to commemorate the occasion.

On Saturday, September 26th, 2009, Archbishop Daniel Buechlein formally blessed the new building of St. Ann Catholic Church on the corner of Mills and Mooresville Road in Decatur Township, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

On July 3, 2012, Father Glenn was reassigned to St. Susanna's Parish in Plainfield.  Rev. Robert T. Hausladen became the new pastor of St. Ann's.

On October 8, 2016, St. Ann's began their Centennial Celebration with a pitch-in dinner, a DJ, and a bounce-house for the children.

On October 7, 2017, St. Ann's capped off their Centennial Celebration with a Mass presided over by Archbishop Thompson. A dinner followed the Mass. Here are some selected pictures of the event.

March, 2019: Fr. Glenn passed away. Please see our page on remembering Fr. Glenn O'Connor.

June 30, 2019: A special Mass and reception for Fr. Rob was held on his last day at St. Ann.

July, 2019: Fr. Rob was reassigned to St. Susanna Parish. Fr. Francis Joseph, from St. Thomas More Parish, became the priest for St. Ann while continuing at St. Thomas More.